Friday, 15 February 2013

Chasing Ice

I went to see the Chasing Ice film a couple of weeks ago - a film about photographer James Balog's quest to record melting arctic ice. From the trailer, it looked like the focus would be on time-lapse photography, and recording the beautiful icescapes of the area:

I was expecting something like an extended version of the "how we filmed this" section of Frozen Planet.

However, the film had a much stronger climate change message than I had thought - that humans are causing climate change and it is affecting polar ice melt in potentially disastrous ways. This is rather more evident in this short clip from the film:

I wonder if this is intentional - to lure people into seeing the film on the basis of the beautiful photography and technical challenge of capturing time lapse photography of the glaciers melting, and then hitting the audience with the message once they are there...

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